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GoGirl: Sally Jones

Our GoGirl Campaign highlights real life models that inspire you to take part in sport and physical activity.

Our research ‘What Sways Women to Play‘ found that while elite athletes are inspirational, it’s our everyday heroes that motivate us to take part in physical activity and sport. These heroes can be sisters, mothers, friends or P.E. teachers.

Nominated by her sister Zoe Collins, our newly appointed Chair. The GoGirl of the month is Sally Jones!


Name: Sally Jones

Age : 52

Sport: Cornish Pilot Gig Rowing

How long have you been rowing: 5 years

What inspired you to start rowing? I wanted to get fit and spend time on the water

Who inspires you?

Anybody that takes on a challenge and pushes themselves out of their comfort zone.

What’s your greatest sporting achievement?

Walking 100km in 25 hours with my siblings last summer.

What was the hardest part about getting started for you?

A lack of confidence in my sporting ability.

What’s the most challenging part of rowing?

One of the hardest things about gig rowing is being out in the sea in a big swell and strong winds. In some ways though this is when I love it most, everybody working as a team against the elements.

What’s your favourite aspect of rowing?

The friendships you make, sharing an experience together when you are being pushed to your limits and working together as a team gives you a special bond. I love being committed to spending time outdoors every week.

What advice do you have for anyone who is reluctant to get involved taking part in physical activity/sport?

Have a go, try something new, everybody feels the same when they start, you will feel and look so much better and make new friends too.

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