Our Vision and Mission

We are Women in Sport.

Our vision is a society where gender equality exists in every sphere.

We’re advancing gender equality through and within sport; empowering women and girls through sport and the sport sector.

How are we doing it?

Empowering women and girls through sport
Every woman and girl in the UK plays sport or is physically active, from early years and throughout her life.

Transforming the sport sector
Women and men have equal opportunities in sport, from the field of play to the boardroom.



Why We're Here

We want women to be in, and inequality to be out

What We're Doing

How we're transforming sport

Our Team

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Ruth Holdaway
Chief Executive

Crew Leader (Maternity Leave)

Director of Campaigns and Engagement

Head of Insight and Innovation

Senior Innovation Manager

Senior Insight and Policy Manager

Senior Engagement Manager (Major Giving)

Senior Communications Manager

Board & Corporate Information

Our Board, Careers and Financial Information