#TimeTogether - Women In Sport
#Timetogether 2021 is all about...

During October, daughters and mums reconnected by spending time together being active.

Our insight showed us that 48% of girls say their mum encourages and supports them to be active. Through our #TimeTogether campaign we wanted to encourage all daughters and mums to exercise together.

Watch our celebration video and see what happened…


What's new this week?

Keep spending #TimeTogether!

Daughters and mums taking part in our #TimeTogether campaign found that having a partner gave them that extra motivation to get outside and the companionship brought them closer together.

Our campaign may have ended but don’t stop spending time with your mum/daughter and experience the joy and benefits it brings. 

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Spending #TimeTogether

Mums & daughters shared so many fantastic stories with us about how they spent #TimeTogether take a look at and be inspired.


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Our top activity ideas

From Athletics to Zorbing, we’ve put together some ideas for activities you can try all year round. Have a 🏀  look.

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Funded by Sport England.

With support from creative agency Lucky7.

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