Beyond 30 - Women In Sport

Beyond 30

We believe in working with sport bodies in order to achieve at least 30% representation of women on their boards by 2017. We annually audit the gender make-up of boards and research the key triggers and barriers to women achieving senior leadership roles in sport. We are then working to share these insights with sport – including both the benefits of a gender-balanced board and best practice on how to support women into those roles.

Since 2004 we have collected and published data on the gender make-up of the Boards and executive teams of NGBs and campaigned for gender diversity at senior levels in sport, through our annual  Beyond 30 -Leadership Audit.

For almost half (49%) of publicly funded National Governing Bodies less than a quarter of their Board are women.

For the past 10 years, this piece of work has provided valuable insight into women’s representation at the highest levels of sports management and administration. To date, our research is limited to Sport England funded National Governing Bodies. From 2016 onwards, we will be including a wider segment of the sport sector and working with Sports Wales to increase female representation.