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This Girl Can

After it was announced at Transforming Sport: The Women’s Sport Conference in October 2014, Sport England’s acclaimed This Girl Can campaign officially launched around the country in January 2015.

Based in part on insight developed by Women in Sport, This Girl Can aims to break down the barriers that prevent women and girls from participating in sport and physical activity.

One of the main barriers that contributes to the 1.9 million gender gap in participation is a fear among women of judgement when taking part in sport and physical activity.

This Girl Can is helping to combat these fears by highlighting and championing real, normal women getting involved in sport.

We’ve been thrilled at the reception This Girl Can has received – the campaign is a real statement on the importance of helping more women and girls throughout the country to take part in sport.

Over the coming months, we’ll be continuing to work with Sport England and other partners on behalf of every woman and girl in the country to help bring more sport into their everyday lives.

At Women in Sport, we believe sport should be for everyone – and, yes, that all girls can!