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A to Z Sport Challenge: S is for… squash!

Laura Matthews, Insight Manager at Women in Sport, organised for our team to go along to a squash taster session at our local leisure centre as part of Women in Sport’s A to Z of Sport Challenge.

I found a new Squash Girls Can beginners session starting at the local leisure centre on a Monday night and signed us up. Five of the team went along: two of us had played before and the other three were complete beginners.

It was absolutely fantastic fun! Our coach, Gareth, was really encouraging and friendly. We were taught the basics – from how to hold your racquet through to the lines on the court and basic shots.

It got quite competitive among some of the staff and it was so much fun that we have been back already and intend to continue playing – or trying to play – squash.

You can find your local Squash Girls Can session here

Our next challenge is going to be B… for Boxing! We will keep you posted on how we get on.

If you have any suggestions for sports and activities that we can do, or could offer the team a taster session for your sport, please get in touch.