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Should I Stay or Should I go? British Gymnastics Case Study

Our latest case study considers the different styles of programmes British Gymnastics offer to help retain girls in the sport.

This project explored whether products British Gymnastics have put in place, specifically TeamGym and MYClub, are helping to retain female gymnasts and to establish the role significant people such as parents, friends or coaches play within girls’ lives at this age. It found the team elements and more informal coaching style seen in these forms of gymnastics have contributed to the gymnasts enjoyment.

TeamGym takes skills from all types of gymnastics and adds a team element where gymnasts work together and learn through performing routines. It focuses on aspects of gymnastics that girls have reported to enjoy and doesn’t include apparatus such as beam and uneven bars. This programme helps them to stay involved in gymnastics but reduces the hours of commitment required to train competitively.

The research found the gymnasts enjoyed the flexibility of choosing which apparatus they wanted to do as well as taking part in the session alongside friends. MYClub sessions can give greater focus to creating a relaxed and social environment, by giving gymnasts full control of their session and allowing them to choose the skills they want to learn.

The research shows that girls enjoyed taking part in their gymnastics sessions and being able to develop skills. They stated being proud of what their bodies can do and how much they value being active – as opposed to leading a passive, sedentary life.

While both types of gymnastics welcome beginners, many current participants have been involved in gymnastics as children. These types of gymnastics are proving a great way of engaging girls in gymnastics as teenagers, but in a way that best suits them.

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The full case study can be found here.

This project was funded by Sport England and we would like to thank Sport England for their support.