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Sport broadens girls’ horizons – Jayne Allen #WSW2015 blog

Jayne Allen, PE teacher at Highfields School in Matlock, Derbyshire, talks about the impact sport can have on girls’ both in and out of the classroom.

School sport is as important to girls as it is to boys.

Also important is girls receiving the same opportunities to play and experience sport in all its forms as boys do. Sport can be – and often is – a life enhancing experience to be involved in, not just for fitness and social interaction, but also the chance to excel and compete.

Not only that, sport and recreation gives girls’ confidence to excel in the classroom too. As well as giving them an opportunity to show their physicality outside of the classroom, it builds their self-esteem across the board and enhances life skills like organisation, responsibility and leadership.

In years gone by, it sometimes seemed the playing field was not level for girls. The same opportunities and methods of delivery were not the same for all.

Jayne Allen (PE Teacher) on stage with students from Highfields School at awards eveningNow, it’s a different and improved scene. As a teacher, it has been brilliant to see girls thriving playing sports like football and rugby and having the opportunity to excel at club level where previously they wouldn’t have been able to. Girls only lessons have also helped in some circumstances, helping girls to feel comfortable participating and taking on leadership roles, on the Schools’ Parliament as Sports Minister, for example.

Working with Women in Sport and the Youth Sport Trust on Changing the Game, for Girls and the Girls Active project has been an incredible experience for the girls, staff, parents and all involved at Highfields school in Matlock, Derbyshire.

Through our partnership with Women in Sport, the girls have had the chance to meet and interview so many inspirational role models in the world of sport, which has been a perfect foundation to build upon. The girls are now leading the way and being the positive influencers in school and at home themselves, creating a pathway for others to follow and embrace the opportunities given.

The project has helped to create a positive vision for all the girls – they believe they can achieve whatever they desire and put their mind to. Their aspirations are even greater than they were prior to the project starting; some of them have even said that they would like to become a CEO one day! It has really broadened their horizons… the power of sport.

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