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Start today, start tomorrow, start next month; the important thing is to just start!

Women in Sport fundraiser, Cath Giles, encourages supporters to get involved with Women’s Sport Wednesdays to help create more opportunities for women and girls to reach their full potential.

I have always been exasperated by the unequal society women are exposed to on a daily basis, and I believe that one of the main problems is that women are overlooked and grossly misrepresented within the media.

As Women in Sport’s research has highlighted, only 7% of media coverage of sport in the UK is devoted to women and only 0.4% of all sports sponsorship goes to women’s sport. Women are constantly fed false, unachievable and superficial ideals on what it means to be a successful female. I too have fallen into this trap of believing that image is everything.

It was only when I started to exercise for non-aesthetic reasons that I began to realise the overwhelming physical as well as mental benefits that being active brings. This was one of my main reasons for deciding to enter into a half-marathon and raise money for Women in Sport. Their ethos is to encourage, as well as champion women of all ages to exercise for the right reasons. The facts speak for themselves; there is an obvious gap in parity for women in sport.


If we really want change then we all have to start somewhere and I am incredibly thankful that there are organisations like Women in Sport who are striving to change women’s’ lives for the better. Start today, start tomorrow, start next month; the important thing is to just start- you’ll be surprised at what you can achieve.

Click here to support Women’s Sport Wednesdays, and help make Wednesdays the day of the week when every playing field, pitch, pool, track and court will be filled with women and girls playing sport and having fun, all in the name of charity.