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Women in Sport’s response to Government sport consultation

Government’s consultation process on the new strategy for sport has now closed and Women in Sport’s response has highlighted the importance of placing women and girls at the centre of decision-making

Sporting Future

In 2013, Women in Sport’s then Head of Policy gave evidence to the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee inquiry into Women and Sport, highlighting the wide-ranging and deep-seated issues that remained as barriers to achieving equality for women’s sport. Two years on, we welcomed the Government’s decision to open consultation on the future of UK sport strategy, and the response we have submitted builds on the points we previously raised to Government.

Our response, based on our insight and developed through conversations with key organisational partners including the Youth Sport Trust, the Sport and Recreation Alliance and sports coach UK, highlights the importance of ensuring that any future strategy for sport puts the needs of women and girls at the heart of decision making and Government funding.

Guidelines and Recommendations

Drawing on evidence from our 30 years of expertise in working with women and girls, and on recent insight developed in partnership with the sport sector, we have proposed a series of key measures which, we believe, would ensure that women and girls are an equal part of the development, growth and impact of sport in the UK.

These recommendations include:

  • Funded sport bodies should be able to demonstrate a clear strategy for engaging with women and girls;
  • Sport organisations commit to a short-term target of 25% of their Board comprising women, rising to 30% by 2020;
  • Development of specific recommendations for girls in school and within the community to build sport into the next generation of women’s lives;
  • That sport bodies commit to eradicating sexism in all its forms, whether in the workplace or on the field of play.

Looking Ahead

With the consultation process completed and the new strategy expected in early 2016, we now look forward to working with Government and with the sport sector as a whole to help create a culture which engages with and supports women and girls into sport successfully at every stage of their lives, whether as participants, supporters or key elements of the workforce.

We look forward to publishing our full response in due course and to continuing to champion the right of every woman and girl to take part in, and enjoy the benefits of, sport.