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Here at Women in Sport we have been working through an alphabet of sports and the team have tried a whole range from Crossfit, to Fight Klub, to Archery. It has been really fun trying sports that we wouldn’t usually think of and also learning a little more about the sector we work in.

So it is my turn to tell you about our experience! This week we went to a lunch time yoga class- a Vinyasa Flow yoga class to be specific. It was hosted in the shared office space next door by an up and coming health brand called Thriva. They approach health in a proactive way, offering finger prick blood tests to find out what is going on in your body so you can combat any problems before they get so bad that you need to go to a doctor.

They find that generally, the advice they give to their customers is around diet and physical activity and while they have the diet side of things mastered, they would like to better understand how to get more of the population physically active (wouldn’t we all!!). So they are investing some time in building a community of people that do physical activity together by putting on free classes and activities for them. Thanks Thriva!

Signing up to take part was really easy, all done through eventbrite, although in the lead up to the class we received emails urging us to get there ahead of time as the class was oversubscribed. If this was a ploy to make sure they got a good turnout of participants on time, then it definitely worked. Arriving at the building was a little disconcerting, as someone who has been reasonably active for a good portion of my life, I am not sure I have ever gone to offices for exercise… but actually, once we had signed in and were in the ‘studio’ (a converted meeting space) it felt completely normal.

The instructor and Thriva staff member were both very welcoming and friendly, and the room was set up ready to go and almost completely full by the time I arrived. Most of the other participants were women (all bar one) and seemed to have either come from a nearby building or with a group of friends.

The class started and we were straight into it. I have done a couple of yoga classes before and have a sister who is a pretty serious yogi so I know a bit, but there were definitely a couple of confused faces when asked to get into a cactus pose in the first flow. Once we got the hang of it, the class was fast paced, which personally I loved as I am more of a team sports kind of a gal, so something that keeps my attention is important. It was pretty physical and there are definitely some muscles in my rugby playing body that were in dire need of a stretch! I would say this class probably wasn’t for the complete beginners amongst you but if you have a little knowledge and are happy to muddle through then it would hit the spot.

A definite highlight was trying to get into the balance – birds of paradise pose- I cannot say I myself managed this, but I did stand mouth open in awe of those who did (Jennie from our team annoyingly nailed it). Seeing this did make that little voice in my head say ‘maybe if you stuck with this for a while it would be pretty cool to wrap your arms between your legs and put your foot over your head – could yoga be for me?’

So over all I say, good luck Thriva, let us know how you get on with the project over all – anything that gets more people and especially women active we are supportive of, we will be back this Friday (and you can join us, just click here) and who knows maybe you will see me with a foot behind my head in the near future! Thumbs up for Vinyasa Flow Yoga!