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Can we take part on a different day?

Yes! Women’s Sport Wednesdays launched on Wednesday 5th October 2016 and will continue on Wednesdays throughout the year, but you can hold your activity on a different day and use the Wednesday to promote it. You can even take on the challenge of playing sport or being physically active on every Wednesday in the year!

Can we have collection buckets/stickers/posters etc?

As a small charity Women in Sport doesn’t have the funds to produce additional promotional items, as this would take away from our ability to fund our work to benefit women and girls. We would be very happy to send you an image file of our logo for you to use to create your own materials. Please email to request this.

Do we have to raise money for Women in Sport?

As Women’s Sport Wednesdays is a fundraising and awareness campaign that has been created by Women in Sport we ask that if you use the day as a way to fundraise then at least some of the money is donated to support our work to transform sport for every woman and girl in the UK.

Can men and boys take part too?

Yes! For some activities it may be more appropriate to make them women only, as our research and experience has shown that for some women and girls these sessions can be more appealing. However men and boys are welcome to take part in mixed sessions and to support female friends, colleagues and family members as appropriate.

How do I pay my money in?

Whether you’re asking people to pay to take part in or watch your event, or you’re asking people to sponsor you, the easiest way to collect the money is to set up an online fundraising page. It only takes minutes to set up on everydayhero and is the quickest and safest way to raise money.

Set a target for how much money you want to raise to track and celebrate your progress. You can even see how you are doing compared to other fundraisers on our leaderboard!

If you don’t want to fundraise online you can use the sponsor form enclosed in our fundraising pack, or collect cash. You can pay-in the money you raise here.

How can I tell people what I’m doing?

We’d love to hear more about what you have planned and share your story with others. You can tell us what you’re doing by emailing us at, or by getting in touch with us via Facebook or Twitter (@womeninsport_uk).

I still have more questions?

Please contact Women in Sport on 020 3137 6263 or and we’d be very happy to answer any other questions you have.

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