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Breaking the cycle of female Boardroom under-representation

Since 2009, Women in Sport has conducted annual research into the levels of female Boardroom representation across funded sport organisations.

These reports, released under the Trophy Women? banner have been an invaluable source for campaigning for equality for women at the very top of sport in the UK.

On November 6, we will be revealing the latest research in the most expansive Trophy Women? report yet produced, with generous support from Comic Relief, Sport England and UK Sport.

Getting more women into sport’s leadership isn’t just about equality (though there’s no doubt that’s a huge part of it) – it’s also about good business sense. This year’s research will show how other sectors have benefited from increasing levels of Boardroom diversity and will point sport towards steps it can take to reap similar benefits among its own structures.

We have a limited number of spaces available to join us as we launch this year’s Trophy Women? research, with an event designed specifically to explore how our findings can help female executives become the next generation of sport’s Boardroom leaders.

To find out more about the event and to purchase tickets, visit our events page here.