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As we countdown to the start of the Olympic and Paralympic games in Rio, Women in Sport prepare to recognise and celebrate female sportswomen, at both an elite and grass roots level.

Our ground-breaking Sway to Play research evaluated who the key figures were who influenced women to play sport and highlighted how influencers can include anyone and everyone.

From household names such as Jessica Ennis-Hill to our own patron Rebecca Adlington, Sway to Play discovered women are diverse and their influencers are strongly affected by the needs associated with particular points along their sports participation behavioural journey and life stage.

Therefore key influencers and role models can be found not only on our TV screens and magazine pages, but also much closer to home: our coaches, gym buddies, parents, siblings, colleagues, friends, teachers of all subjects and so on.

So, every day during the Olympic and Paralympic Games, we will select and showcase a Team GB role model and a ‘real world’ women’s sport role model nominated by you: our supporters.

We are calling upon the public to help us find and select our daily elite #GoGirl and #RealGoGirl, from the 5-18 August and again from 7-21 September, encompassing the range of talent we will see throughout the Games this summer.

Whilst our #GoGirl athletes will be selected from the Team GB Olympic squad, we want you to start nominating your #RealGoGirl, who should be someone that has inspired and influenced women and girls to play sport.

To submit your nomination for a Team GB athlete use the #GoGirl hashtag. For your grassroots superstar, please use the hashtag #RealGoGirl. You can also submit your nomination via email by contacting

To see who we select each day please make sure you follow us on Twitter @womeninsport_uk!

Bring on the Games!