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Insight Series Tickets – Now On Sale!

Women in Sport’s Senior Sport Partnerships Manager, Jennie Platt, announces the launch of our 2016 insight Series events

Manchester Event – 2 February 2016 – Purchase Tickets

London Event – 5 February 2016 – Purchase Tickets

Tickets go on sale today for our 2016 Insight Series…where did that year go?! It only seems like yesterday that we were touring the country delivering the 2015 events.

I have been involved in delivering our Insight Series for the last two years now. In fact one of my first memories of joining Women in Sport (then WSFF) was being told to lead on the events, just two months out from delivery…that was a baptism of fire! However, what a successful 2 years it’s been, with 10 events delivered across 5 locations, our work has been shared far and wide.

Women in Sport team presenting at the 2015 Insight SeriesNow our attention has turned to planning the 2016 events. Our Insight Series is one of our best platforms to share what we have been working on. We are constantly talking to partners and doing some bespoke work with others, but these dedicated events allow us to speak to a wider, very engaged audience.

Back in 2013 we recognised a need to test whether our insights could have a positive impact on female sport at grassroot level. Following some intense work with County Sport Partnerships (CSPs) and Further Education Colleges its evident there is a place for us in this space. We know that grassroot sport is where it’s at…this is where changes can actually happen and have a positive impact on sport for women and girls. To capitalise on this, we changed the way we ran our Insight Series by partnering up with CSPs to deliver national events with localised content – this has been a dream formula! Working with CSPs has been invaluable, we have gained local knowledge, heard some great case studies and witnessed how effectively they engage with their local communities.

We are a busy bunch here at Women in Sport working on multiple projects, some specifically for partners and others broader to aid the sports industry. To compliment the local content these events provide an excellent stage to share these new and often, ground-breaking insights. We have had some great themes for the events over the last couple of years to link to our insights; 2014 – Understanding Women’s Lives, 2015 – Role models and influencers. For 2016 we are bringing everything together to focus on ‘insight into action’, so how can we take our learnings and apply them in the field to help transform sport for women and girls…yes it’s a big one!

For me, one of the most rewarding elements of the Insight Series is seeing delegates catching up and discussing the topics of the day. It’s not that often people in similar roles get a chance to focus on one area of work (out of the office!) and explore how they could change the way they currently do things. Above all we encourage our delegates to ‘think differently’ throughout the day and take this back to the day to day. Sport for women and girls needs a shake-up, it needs people to get creative so it is viewed as a more viable option in their busy lives.

The events are now just a few months away and I am really looking forward to sharing our new insights and discovering ways to put it into action. Come and join our journey and be part of the change…get your ticket now (we have an early bird offer after all!).

Manchester Event – 2 February 2016 – Purchase Tickets

London Event – 5 February 2016 – Purchase Tickets