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Making the most of your network

Women in Sport is pleased to invite Women’s Sport Network members to an exclusive event in partnership with Women Ahead.

Making the most of your network takes place on Tuesday 17th May from 15.30- 18.30 at Saffery Champness.

This event has been tailored specifically for Women’s Sport Network members by Women Ahead who will deliver a dynamic, practical session on making the most of your personal network.

Assessing your current style, what is working, what isn’t and new things to try, this event will broaden your cast of characters by thinking about your network in new ways.

Besides offering opportunities to mix with other members of the network during a relaxed networking period after the session, Women’s Sport Network members will also be able to create a personal plan around learnings drawn from the event.

Places are limited for this event and it is advised to book early in order to avoid disappointment.

To book your space please click here.

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