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The Softball v Rounders Challenge

BaseballSoftballUK and Rounders England are teaming up to put on a showcase event involving the elite female players from GB Softball and the Rounders England national teams, with the aim of promoting female participation in sport, as well as celebrating the shared British history of both rounders and softball.

This one-day event will see members of the respective teams take each other on in both a rounders match and slowpitch softball game.

As part of Sport England’s This Girl Can campaign, Rounders England and GB Softball will select all-female teams from national squads and the event will focus on celebrating women’s sport. The event is open to both the local community and the general public and as both are fantastic spectator sports it will be an enjoyable day for all.

In a joint statement from Jenny Former (Joint CEO, BaseballSoftballUK) and Alison Howard (CEO, Rounders England) they said:

“At a time when there is so much positive focus on women and girls’ participation in sport, we are really excited to be showcasing two sports that provide such great opportunities for female participation at all levels. In featuring national team players from each sport, this event will give spectators the chance to see really high calibre play.”

“Both sports are about having fun and being part of a team, and the more people we can get playing, the better. This seems an ideal way to celebrate the shared roots of rounders and softball.”

Women in Sport Partnerships Manager, Heather Smith added:

“It’s fantastic to see both Rounders England and GB Softball working together and building on the momentum around women and girls’ participation in sport at the moment, to create a showcase event of this size. We know that increasing the visibility of women playing sport is an important factor in getting more women and girls active and benefiting from the wider impact sport can have.”

“To bring together such brilliant role models and opening the event for free will inspire the local community and beyond, highlighting the many options available for women to enjoy sport – whether as a spectator, participant or volunteer.”

The event takes place at Farnham Park Baseball and Softball Complex on Sunday 1st May and entry is free. The rounders game will take place first, starting at 13:30 with the softball game scheduled to start at 14:45.

For further details, please email