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Sport for Success Launches

Report launched by Women in Sport and Investec explores whether playing sport has positive outcomes for women’s educational qualifications and employment.

Thanks to the generosity of Investec, Women in Sport proudly unveil Sport for Success,  a comprehensive study into the role and importance of sport in helping women to achieve and contribute more in their careers.

Women in Sport’s From Barriers to Benefits report, commissioned by The Young Foundation in 2015, found health and economic benefits of women’s participation in sport are significant.

And whilst the link between sport and health continues to be well-documented, the latest report examines this relationship, understanding the role of sport in helping women to achieve more in their careers.

Reaffirming how playing sport can help to develop skills and qualities valuable for women’s personal progression, Sport for Success highlights how the workplace too can benefit from the increased effectiveness of female staff.

Women in Sport Chief Executive, Ruth Holdaway, hopes the charity’s work with Investec re-iterates the importance of having more opportunities for women and girls to be active from a young age, and encouraging this, making sport visible and normal for women and girls.

“The evidence that playing sport improves our health is understood – but sometimes the health arguments alone are not enough to persuade people for whom exercise and playing sport is difficult, challenging or simply alien.  And many of those who shy away from sport, or find it difficult to fit into a busy life, are women.”

“At Women in Sport, we promote both the health and the wider benefits of playing sport, both for individuals and society – and especially the benefits that will help improve the lives of women and girls.”

“We are extremely proud to have partnered with Investec to build on our previous research into the social and economic value to the UK of women’s participation in sport.  Thanks to the generosity of Investec, we are now publishing a comprehensive study into the role and importance of sport in helping women to achieve more, and thus contribute more, in their careers.”

“This research has found a significant majority of women who are in management roles play sport (77%). Furthermore, women who play sport are more likely to be in those management roles in the first place than those who do not, and to have reached a management role much earlier in their career.”

“This makes clear the importance of having a greater number of opportunities for girls to be active and play sport from a young age – schools, colleges and community groups should take note.”

“Increasing the visibility of women playing sport in the media and in everyday life will also help, making it a more normal part of women and girls’ lives.”

“At Women in Sport, we want to see every woman and girl across the UK gain the same benefits from sport that men do and with almost 1.7million fewer women than men playing sport every week, this research is yet another reason to be clear that until we close this gender gap we are doing a disservice to women, to society and to the success of our economy.”

Women in Sport urges employers to think about how to integrate sport and physical activity into the working day, and make it easier for women to access sporting opportunities. Those that are successful will reap the benefits of an improved workforce as our Sport for Success research shows.

To read the Sport for Success report in full please click here.

Hannah Macleod, GB Women’s Hockey player talks about how sport has helped her throughout her career.