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Spotlight on insight: how we’re helping sport make a difference

Women in Sport is proud to unveil case studies of our work with National Governing Bodies of Sport in 2015/16.

As part of our work with Sport England, Women in Sport has partnered with British CyclingEngland Athletics and The FA over the past year using our insight-led approach to transform the lives of women and girls in the UK.

Three separate case studies have now been published on the Women in Sport Resource Library to showcase our work and share guidance on best practice.

Sharing our objectives, methods and insight activation, our case studies detail how our support and advice to sports partners across areas including insight, marketing, policy and strategy have helped increase the number of women and girls taking part in sport nationwide.

Senior Sports Partnership Manager, Jennie Platt believes the case studies are a great example of using insight to champion change:

“Our partnership work over the last year highlights how our project based approach can support a range of organisations and sports looking to engage more women and girls. We have worked on three quite different projects this time, all of which have provided opportunities to gain new knowledge and challenge the status-quo.”

“Crucially, as part of this process we have activated existing and new insights by reviewing current programmes and products to improve the sporting experience for women and girls. This work demonstrates the unique role Women in Sport has to play in the sector and how a targeted insight-led approach is helping to achieve our ambitious vision.”

“We understand the importance of working in partnership with like-minded organisations within the sector and beyond to transform sport for women and girls. Equally, we are aware of the ambitions of several organisations across the UK to tackle the entrenched gender gap and whilst many find this a daunting challenge to start and others want to refine and further adapt their work, we are in the best position to support them.”

Sports Partnership Manager, Heather Smith added:

“Our three case studies highlight how broadly our expertise can be applied at various levels to assist organisations achieve strategic and practical aims. Each partnership brought with it different demands and put together show how together so much can be achieved to transform sport for the benefit of more women and girls in the UK.”

If you’d like to read our three case studies please click on the links below:

If you’d like to discuss working in partnership with Women in Sport please email