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News: New initiative to help people ‘Get out & Get Active’

Women in Sport announced as partner in new initiative to help people ‘Get Out & Get Active’ across the UK.

Women in Sport has today been named as a partner in ‘Get Out & Get Active’, a Spirit of 2012 funded initiative that has significant potential to change the way that women and girls engage in physical activity in their communities.

Spirit of 2012, a charity set up with money from the Big Lottery Fund to carry forward the spirit of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, has awarded £4.5 million to be used to get people active in eighteen locations across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

‘Get Out & Get Active’ will be delivered by a UK wide consortium of organisations led by the English Federation of Disability Sport. The focus of the initiative is on increasing participation in fun and inclusive physical activity, so that disabled and non-disabled people can enjoy recreational activity. Volunteers will play a crucial role to support people into active lifestyles through the project.

In our role as a national partner, Women in Sport will work with providers in the eighteen localities to help them better understand the needs of women and girls in their local community, and will use our insights to help them assess existing physical activity provision and make changes to increase demand and improve accessibility.

Through working as part of the consortium, we will be able to combine our expertise and learning with that of our partners, ensuring that women who face additional barriers – such as disability, financial constraints, or cultural barriers – have the opportunity to take part in sport and physical activity in a way that benefits their health and wellbeing.

Chief Executive Ruth Holdaway

“Women in Sport wholeheartedly welcomes the approach taken by Spirit of 2012 and the English Federation of Disability Sport to bring organisations together to help make sport and recreational physical activity accessible to all. We are excited to be a partner in the ‘Get Out & Get Active’ project and about the possibilities that the initiative presents to work with localities across the UK, to ensure that women and girls from all backgrounds and communities have more opportunities to get active.”

Find out more about Get Out & Get Active here.