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#WomenOutdoors Week

During 5-15 August, the British Mountaineering Council (BMC) will be running a campaign aimed at encouraging more women to get involved in climbing, hill walking and mountaineering.

Here’s some reasons why we think you should support the campaign and get involved too.

  1. Support a great cause

Women tend to participate in all sport and physical activity less frequently than men with 31% of women taking part compared to 40.8% men. The same is true for climbing, hill walking and mountaineering, but 13 million women want to do more. BMC are keen to readdress this imbalance which is why they’ve launched #WomenOutdoors Week.

  1. Find new climbing and hill walking partners

The campaign aims to encourage those already involved, both male and female, to take women they know out for a day on the hills, at the crag or at the local climbing wall. Of those women who already climb, 51% first participated with friends, having that familiar face to go along with is a great support for many women. Whether it’s a friend, mum, daughter, auntie or sister, we all know someone who would like to get more active, and would benefit from climbing or hill walking.

  1. Improve your fitness

Both rock climbing and hill walking are great for improving both physical and mental health. Rock Climbing is a fun workout, great for toning, and great personal challenge. Hill walking is a great stress reliever.

  1. A new challenge

Maybe you’ve been looking for a new challenge, or a new hobby? It can be daunting going along to a new activity for the first time, but we’re all beginners at some point! And with specific beginner women-only activities taking place at various climbing walls, you can be sure you won’t be the only newbie there.

  1. Get outdoors

Exploring new places with friends and family by going climbing or walking is great fun. If you’ve been wanting to spend more time as a family, or been looking for new things to get involved in with your friends then #WomenOutdoors Week will be great for you.

    6. Make a difference

The benefits of getting active in the outdoors are huge, 45% of women are not active enough for good health and physical inactivity is the fourth largest cause of disease and disability in the UK according to Public Health England. By getting involved in #WomenOutdoors Week, and supporting women you know to make that first step into trying a new activity you can make a real difference to someone’s physical and mental health.

How can you join the campaign?

If you’re already a competent climber, hill walker or mountaineer and know women in your circle of friends, or female family members who you think would benefit from getting involved why not arrange to take them hill walking or climbing between 5-15 August.

Choose your area to find out what’s on near you!

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If you would like to find out more about #WomenOutdoors Week and how you can get involved please contact:

And don’t forget, Women’s Sport Week 2016 is also coming up soon. Register your support and to get the latest information here.