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WSFF Chief condemns Scudamore comments

Commenting on today’s news that no action will be taken by the Premier League against Richard Scudamore, Ruth Holdaway, Chief Executive of the Women’s Sport and Fitness Foundation said:
“The Women’s Sport and Fitness Foundation is surprised and disappointed to learn that the Premier League has chosen to take no action against their Chief Executive, Richard Scudamore, following the news of the sexist email exchange he engaged in which was brought to public attention last weekend. Our concern rests particularly in the belief that the lack of response sends a negative message to women and girls; namely, that sexist comments from those in power in football go unpunished and that the sport is not for them.

14 May 2014

“Research tells us that there are at least 80,000 women and girls who want to play more football in England and we fear that this situation could raise barriers to their participation in the sport.

“Richard Scudamore has said that he now wants to meet with stakeholders to hear their views on the matter. The Women’s Sport and Fitness Foundation has 30 years’ expertise in working with sport organisations to improve their offer and working environment for women and girls. I extend an invitation to the Premier League to meet at their earliest opportunity and offer the League the chance to work with us and make use of our insight, research and experience to help facilitate a root and branch review of the organisation in order to ensure that women and girls are not deterred from playing or working in football.

“Let’s now seize this opportunity to work with the Premier League, with football as a whole and with the huge number of women and girls who are passionate about football to help transform the sport from the field of play to the boardroom.”

14 May 2014

Responding to this weekend’s news in which sexist comments by Premier League Chief Executive Richard Scudamore were revealed, WSFF CEO, Ruth Holdaway, commented:
“Sexism of any kind is deplorable. To see someone in the upper echelons of sport thinking it is okay to refer to women in this way, in private or otherwise, is utterly appalling. Let alone someone who has publicly supported the case for equality. There are so many people working within the industry who are trying to make a difference, to help change the landscape and the future for women in sport. To have someone in such a senior role talking about women in this way is unbelievably disrespectful and, ultimately, hugely damaging.”