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WSFF condemns sexist comments in football

Commenting on allegations of sexist messages emanating from communications made by high profile former employees of a leading football club, Women’s Sport and Fitness Foundation (WSFF) Chief Executive, Ruth Holdaway, said:

‘It is immensely worrying to see more evidence emerge of a culture within elite level football which appears to believe that sexism is an acceptable part of regular communication with others in the industry.

‘All women have a right to work and operate within a professional arena which doesn’t discriminate against them, either in word, thought or action. Sadly some areas of the football industry appear to believe that this doesn’t apply to them.

‘The Women’s Sport and Fitness Foundation is deeply concerned that the country’s national game remains an environment where offensive views and comments on women appear to be commonplace. We accept that this may be an isolated incident, but in a year in which Women in Football have revealed that more than two-thirds of women working in the industry have experienced sexism in the workplace, it is clear that significant work needs to be done to improve football as a professional environment for women.

‘We enjoy a positive relationship with the FA in regard to building gender equality in football and continue to extend an invitation to work with the wider aspects of the professional game to assist in developments which will lead to an end to any endemic sexism within the sport.’