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WSFF welcomes R&A admittance of female members

Commenting on the news that the Royal & Ancient Golf Club has voted to admit female members, WSFF Chief Executive Ruth Holdaway said

“I am delighted that the Royal & Ancient Golf Club has made the right decision and brought its membership policies in line with gender equality in the 21st century. The admittance of female members is a symbolic step in the move towards full equality in sport and for golf in particular.
“It is disappointing that we are even having to have this discussion in 2014, and today’s result must mark the beginning of a message which states that sport cannot treat women as second-class citizens.
“With five times more men than women playing golf once a week and 2 million fewer women than men playing any sport once a week, the sector has a long way to go before it meets the needs of women. Today is a positive step and the Women’s Sport and Fitness Foundation will campaign to continue transforming sport for the benefit of every woman and girl in the UK.”
Earlier, WSFF had released new data suggesting that male only membership policies significantly damaged the reputation of golf.