A day at the European Championships

September 2018

Gleneagles golf course

Project 51 Young Influencer Sophie shares her experience of watching golf at the European Championships.

I am Sophie and I have recently been given the opportunity to go to the European Championships and I had a great time at the golf in Gleneagles.

I have been to many sporting events before, but I especially enjoyed this day out because my Dad and I had many chances to play different golf games and win prizes, as well as watch the professional players compete. The atmosphere was different from many other sporting events as you need to be quiet whereas usually you would be cheering on the competitors, but there is still a feeling of excitement when the players take their shot.

My favourite part of the day was when my Dad and I followed a British team round the holes. I have played golf in the past and been to other golf competitions, but this was unique as it was the first time they have ever done mixed doubles, this gave me hope for the future of women in sport as men and women played together and I found this very encouraging.

I would definitely encourage other girls to go to sporting events as they leave you inspired and it’s a great day out. Thank you so to Project 51 for taking me to Gleneagles as it was really fun day!