A day at the Müller Anniversary Games

August 2018

Sophie at the Anniversary Games at the London Stadium



Project 51 Young Influencer Caitlin shares her experience of watching the athletics at the London Stadium.

Read her Q&A below to find out what events she saw, her favourite moment and what she took away from it all.




Have you been to any live sports events before?   

This is not my first live sporting event. Once a year I go to watch premier league football at Old Trafford with my Dad. But, this was my first live athletics event!

What events did you see?

We saw women’s long jump, men’s pole vault, running, hurdles, T11 women’s 200m race, speed walking and women’s javelin.

Describe the atmosphere

The atmosphere was very positive and pleasant! Everyone was clapping and cheering and being supportive and everyone was showing team spirit.

What was your favourite part of the day?

My favourite part was the pole vault because you never knew if they were going to make it over the bar.

Did the event inspire you?

Yes, since the event I have tried long jump and found out it is harder than it looks!

Was it what you expected?

Yes, it was and so much more. It was a great day!

Did you learn something new?

Yes, I didn’t know that speed walking was a sport before I saw it at the Games.

Other comments?

A massive thank you to Project 51, Women in Sport and Nike for giving me this experience! I loved it.