Statement on Martina Navratilova Pay Gap - Women In Sport

Statement on Martina Navratilova Pay Gap

March 2018

Women in Sport campaigns to create a society where women and men have equal opportunities.

We are saddened to hear of the perceived disparity in earnings between Martina Navratilova and John McEnroe, for their work for the BBC during its annual coverage of Wimbledon.

We understand that the two commentators are on different types of contracts due to varying time commitments, however even taking this into account, the difference in pay is significant. We do not believe the quoted pay reflects the considerable experience or expertise of Navratilova as both a former champion and commentator.

Wimbledon is committed to paying both men and women equal prize money, which makes the disparity in BBC pay between Navratilova and McEnroe especially jarring.

Women in Sport works to change the culture of sport so that sexism and gender discrimination is a thing of the past. For this to happen we need the support of broadcasters to not only normalise women’s sport, but to use female commentators and pundits and to pay their workforce fairly.

We will release new research into the media coverage of women’s sport in the UK and across Europe in the autumn. This will explore not just the amount of coverage, but the differences in the quality of coverage and the resources dedicated to both men’s and women’s sport.

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