Women in Sport’s statement on Sport England’s Actives Live Children and Young People survey December 2019

December 2019

We are pleased that girls’ activity levels have generally increased in the latest report, especially between the ages of 14-16 where 29,800 additional girls are doing an average of 60 minutes or more exercise every day. However, 57% of girls between the ages of 5-16 are still failing to achieve recommended levels of activity and it is clear that the gender activity gap remains wide, with 319,200 more boys than girls meeting recommendations in the last academic year.

We are concerned to see that the number of girls saying they love playing sport has decreased and disappointed by the gap in girls’ confidence, with 69% of girls saying they don’t feel confident when taking part in physical activity compared with 53% of boys.

In order to have a healthy, happy and active nation of young women, it is essential that girls love physical activity, feel confident and competent. We are determined to continue our work to ensure that every girl can enjoy sport and physical activity.

You can find our latest insight, Reframing Sport for Teenage Girls in the Research and Advice Service.