Towards a level playing field

August 2018

AKQA sponsors Women in Sport’s Empower conference.

Throughout history, determined women have paved the way for a more equal and fairer society. While physical activity is universally understood to provide a lifetime of benefits, sports participation rates among women and girls are much lower than men’s. The many reasons for this gender gap are practical, personal, social and cultural.

The Empower conference organised by Women in Sport will bring together champions that challenge the status quo, ask urgent questions and share ideas that welcome more women and girls into sport.

Ruth Holdaway, Women in Sport Chief Executive Officer said: “We are delighted to have AKQA’s participation as a key sponsor in our Empower conference. As an innovative creative agency, AKQA’s commitment and contribution today will help future generations to experience the transformational benefits of sport.”

Ajaz Ahmed, AKQA Chief Executive Officer said: “Whether it’s through a lack of visibility, access, investment or encouragement, sport is another example of the social inequality that still exists and needs to be tackled. Our team is proud to contribute to the Women in Sport Empower conference to help make progress faster and further.”

Read more information on the Empower conference and list of speakers.

To read the full press release visit AKQA’s website.

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