Women in Sport and MISSFITS launch fundraising partnership

January 2019

MISSFITS founder Tara Adlestone with Women in Sport's Heather Smith and nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert

Women in Sport and MISSFITS, the female-focused protein brand, have teamed up in a new partnership aimed to encourage women to get active.

The two organisations want all women to be able to experience the physical and mental benefits of activity and feel confident about being active. To help achieve this, MISSFITS will be supporting the charity’s work by donating 1% of all sales to Women in Sport.

The two organisations will be inspiring women to get involved in physical activity and sport so that they can take advantage of the lifelong benefits that sport provides.

The partnership kicked off with a dance class and panel discussion in London on Tuesday night.

Tara Adlestone, co-founder of MISSFITS (pictured left), and MISSFITS ambassador and leading Harley Street nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert (pictured right0 were joined by Women in Sport’s Heather Smith (pictured centre) to discuss the impact sport has had on their lives and the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle.

Wendy Hawk, Head of Communication and Engagement at Women in Sport, said: “We’re delighted to partner with MISSFITS. We believe that physical activity should play an important role in the everyday lives of women across the UK and we’re excited to use this partnership to inspire women to get involved in physical activity”

Tara Adlestone, co-founder of MISSFITS, added: “MISSFITS is thrilled to have officially launched our partnership with Women in Sport, a charity that has always inspired myself and the team. Both brands aim to promote the importance of an active lifestyle and we hope this relationship will lead to more women enjoying the benefits that physical activity can have on both mental and physical health.”


MISSFITS is a lifestyle wellness brand that exists to help their consumers fuel their best everyday with all natural, evidence-based, functional products, no BS. MISSFITS positions themselves as more of an everyday, lifestyle product focusing on females as their target audience who are looking to improve their health and wellbeing. The common misconceptions that protein is for bulking/weight loss/meal replacements. MISSFITS look to challenge this with protein products that are made in mind for every woman for every day, either working out or working late.

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