Women in Sport continues support for UK Sponsorship Awards

November 2018

Women in Sport is delighted to announce that it is once again supporting the UK Sponsorship Awards.

The charity will back the Best Sponsorship of Women’s Activities category.

The UKSAs, which are entering their 25th edition, reward excellence and effectiveness in sponsorship and partnerships across all sectors.  Full information can be found at www.sponsorship-awards.co.uk.

The Best Sponsorship of Women’s Activities category rewards brands, associations and agencies for the work they have done working with and sponsoring women’s projects.

This could be anything from opening up access to sport for young girls through to celebrity endorsements that are plugged into the wider female empowerment agenda.

As with all categories, the judges will want to see evidence of clear objectives, interesting execution and positive business results related to the sponsorship. But this will be considered in combination with any evidence supplied about how women or girls have been embraced.

Please contact the UKSA organisers for further information.  Email info@sponsorship-awards.co.uk or call 020 8891 1067.