Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How can I get advice and support from Women in Sport?

Answer: We want to share our knowledge, experience and advice to transform sport for the benefit of every woman and girl in the UK.  The Support and Advice Service is a one stop shop to support you in accessing, understanding and applying our research to get more women and girls benefiting from sport.

Access Understand Apply
Our research and resources are available for free Submit an enquiry to our team for help with putting our insight into practice. We can work with your organisation through our bespoke paid for service including workshops and commissioned research.

Question: How can I motivate girls/women who are currently disengaged sport?

Answer: We have a wealth of research which explores women and girls’ relationship with sport; their unique values and motivations. Our insights and practical solutions to overcome challenges in engaging girls in sport can be found in our research:

Question: Can you support me in developing a strategy to attract more girls and women to my club?

Answer: Get in touch with us via our contact form and tell us more about your plans and vision. We have a range of ways that we can provide tailored (paid for) support to clubs wanting to engage more women and girls.

Question: Who can I talk to about girls not being allowed to take part in all sports at our school?

Answer: We suggest you make contact with the Head Teacher to understand their reasoning. You can access all of our research for free via the resources section of the Support and Advice Service. Our research explores the barriers some girls face in playing sport and provides practical recommendations to help overcome these challenges.

Question: I am looking for funding/ sponsorship. Are you able to help?

Answer: We are a research charity not a grant giving organisation. Below are details of some organisations who are able to provide financial support and might be able to be of further assistance.

Are you a club?

Club Matters have useful information on how to generate income for clubs.

Find your local County Sports Partner (CSP) via the CSP Network.

Are you an athlete?

Sports Aid or the relevant National Governing Body may be able to help you.

Question: I am a student currently undertaking research in the area of women in sport. Can you help with my research project?

Answer: You can access our wealth of research and insight for free via the resources section of the Support and Advice Service. Our Media Stats Pack has our headline statistics. Please do share your research with us when it is complete.


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