Research Report: Exploring the Transition from Recreational to Challenge Rides - Women In Sport

Research Report: Exploring the Transition from Recreational to Challenge Rides

Published 2016

“My biggest concern when I was thinking about entering [a challenge ride for the first time] was that I would let
everyone down.” Recently transitioned rider

Executive Summary

There are a number of cycling challenge rides across the country each year and we know that women who participate in these cycle more regularly each week.

Women in Sport embarked on a project to investigate how to transition those women who are cycling recreationally to take part in challenge rides.

Report Content:

  • What did we want to know?
  • Findings
  • Main barriers.
  • Overcoming barriers.
  • Recommendations.

Key Findings

We found women had 3 main barriers from transitioning from recreational cycling to challenge events:

  • Fear of not fitting in.
  • Fear of what might happen on the day.
  • Lack of confidence.


  • The most persuasive messages identified through the research were those which sought to reassure women that challenge rides were welcoming, for a mix of abilities and planned for safety.
  • Ensuring she has behind the scenes support.
  • Together she is stronger. The best way of reaching recreational riders was felt to be through existing challenge riders.

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