Women in Sport hails football broadcast deal as start of a new era - Women In Sport

Women in Sport hails football broadcast deal as start of a new era

March 2021

The news that women’s football will be getting some serious coverage from both Sky and the BBC is just what this country needs as we stumble towards the finish line (hopefully) of what has been a traumatic time for sport as a whole; but women’s sport in particular.

Cathy Long, policy lead at the charity Women in Sport, said “This is a big moment in the history of our national game.  For the first time women’s football will be properly established in the public psyche thanks to the courage and commitment of some very dedicated women and their allies – both those at the Football Association and on pitches throughout our country.  It has taken tireless dedication from players, coaches, parents, fans and early sponsors to build the game up to this point.”

She continued “Now, girls can dream and boys will see women’s football as an integral part of the sporting landscape.  We should not underestimate the importance of this for the enjoyment, health and well-being of a generation of women.  Sport has lifelong benefits and giving this exposure to women’s football will inspire and encourage greater participation across the country.”

Before the pandemic when sport mostly drew to a halt, 20% less girls and women than boys and men were playing team sports.  Yet team sports give us so much more than fun and friendship, they teach us how to win and lose, to take risks and fail, and to keep carrying on – they are a great way to build resilience.