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Izzie, Georgie and the Great Outdoor Gym

I find joy in moving and this keeps me interested. I remember doing endless cartwheels and handstands in the living room with my sister when we were children. My parents were watching Eastenders and the Bill and it may have been distracting but they didn’t tell us to stop. They provided a safe space for me and my sister Charlotte to move. My mum also took us to tennis, swimming.

My kids know how important being active is and #TimeTogether is a valuable reminder how important my time with my daughter is.

Her health in the future may depend on the quality time we spend together. Izzie hasn’t got a sister, like I do, so I need to be there for her. Luckily, I still love things she is interested in like roller skating, cartwheeling, dance, trampolining and handstands so I’m pretty sure she will be ok and foster a lifelong love for movement. The key to this is prioritising because time is never on our side! I am always busy.

I have a simple plan to make sure we spend time together – little and often makes it so much more achievable. Doing an activity that makes us laugh and doesn’t get us stressed, it is supposed to be a loving, nurturing time after all. Exploring the great outdoors – walking to our local park and making use of one of The Great Outdoors Gyms or trying out one of the workouts on TGO Activate. These are all easy ways to fit time together in to our busy hectic lives.

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