Transforming Sport for Girls

Only one in five of all girls aged 5 – 15 are sufficiently active (Public Health Survey for England 2015) according to Chief Medical Officer recommendations.

At Women in Sport we believe:

* If girls are physically active they will be healthier, happier, have higher self-esteem and body confidence, and achieve more academically

* Girls should be at the centre of all activity, they should be empowered to make choices about the physical activity and sport they take part in

* Opportunities should be available to ALL girls regardless of race, religion, disability or socioeconomic group

* There is some good practice of delivering sport in education for girls but needs to be the norm for girls not the exception

* Provision for sport and physical activity for girls can’t stop at the school gates

* Influencers are key. These will change culture both on micro and macro scales

At Women in Sport we have an ambition to create a change for girls which results in more girls aged 5 – 18 taking part, leading and working in, and seeing positive images of sport and physical activity.