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We have received great support from Women in Sport over the past few years. We find our partnership most valuable. - Kelly Simmons, The FA

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Women in Sport is a charity, and it is because of the generous support we receive from funders and donors that we are able to carry out our work. You too can become an integral player in helping to inspire women and girls to get more involved in sport. So, why not join us on our journey?

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Great meeting with Wrexham GOGA team today. Plenty of ideas for disabled women to gain confidence through activity. Womeninsport_uk 0 4
Get your nominations in for the 2017 FA Women's Football Awards - Unsung Hero and Best Participation Initiative. Cl… https://t.co/vwS3DpVNpV Womeninsport_uk 1 0
It's National School Sport Week! Follow our friends @YouthSportTrust to see what's happening #NSSW #CelebratePE https://t.co/FVSM9h9sOd Womeninsport_uk 17 29
Artemis BJJ
A big thank you to Artemis BJJ for their support! If you're in the Bristol area why not check this out?
The seminar is open to all genders, but if any women want to make a weekend of it, there's
Women in Sport
ELITE SPORT SUNDAY:📸➡️Team member @Sallylizd nominates Jo Pavey as her favourite female athlete! #WSW2017 https://t.co/fqmJakbeUu Womeninsport_uk 1 12
ELITE SPORT SUNDAY:📸➡️Team member Laura nominates @katewalsh11 as her favourite female athlete! #WSW2017 https://t.co/3T8fwlCRRM Womeninsport_uk 1 21
ELITE SPORT SUNDAY:📸➡️Team member @JulieBunnage nominates @HollieA2012 as her favourite female athlete! #WSW2017 https://t.co/RNGCW9h3cL Womeninsport_uk 5 11
ELITE SPORT SUNDAY:📸➡️Team member @lizzyasully nominates @NicolaAdamsOBE as her favourite sportswoman! #WSW2017 https://t.co/TQDc5gqDzO Womeninsport_uk 0 7
Great piece by @HuffPostUK with @LauraKenny31 on being a professional athlete and expecting mum! #WSW2017 https://t.co/eawoDvd53L Womeninsport_uk 4 11
ELITE SPORT SUNDAY:📸➡️Team member @lexymarshall nominates Steffi Graf as her favourite female sportswoman! #WSW2017 https://t.co/oijc8po2iH Womeninsport_uk 0 7
Insightful article by @guardian regarding media coverage in women's sport. Take a look 🔍👀https://t.co/WEPWgl9uDm #WSW2017 Womeninsport_uk 34 37
The current gender gap between disabled men & disabled women participating in sport + physical activity at least once a week: 1.56 million.💭 Womeninsport_uk 19 18
ELITE SPORT SUNDAY📸➡️ Team member @Polarbearpaw nominates @scopelandboxer as her favourite female athlete!… https://t.co/cvGRC99HEZ Womeninsport_uk 3 19
ELITE SPORT SUNDAY📸➡️ Team member @clairejbranch nominates @kad_c as her favourite female athlete! #WSW2017 https://t.co/g1q1vis4RH Womeninsport_uk 3 13
Read our first #MiniMatchReport about the @NetballSL finals from our super fan Jessica! 🏆 @traceynev #WSW2017 https://t.co/LQInbjWJyC Womeninsport_uk 0 1
Today is ELITE SPORT SUNDAY! ➡️ Stay tuned to find out who the Women in Sport team have chosen as their favourite female athletes! #WSW2017 Womeninsport_uk 4 5
Today is the final day of Women’s Sport Week 2017. We would like to thank everyone for supporting us and getting in… https://t.co/anHy1I2sqn Womeninsport_uk 28 70
We've had a great day talking about our Get Out Get Active project!

Our GOGA Innovation Manager @JulieBunnage shares her experience at a GOGA Hub in Rochdale! 📍#WSW2017 Take a look at her bog here: bit.ly/2t5EeC5
Women in Sport’s GOGA
Women in Sport
GOGA runs for over three years (2016-2019) and within 18 localities across the UK. Find out more here:… https://t.co/rnrBIKUHPu Womeninsport_uk 8 12
Womens Sport Week bundle Win tickets to the UCI Track Cycling World Cup, Taekwondo Grand Prix and the AJ Bell World Squash Championship! Just follow the link here: http://bit.ly/2sK51nh Courtesy of UK Sport
Together with The National Lottery, we’re giving you the chance to
Women in Sport
Women in Sport added a cover video. Women in Sport
Timeline Photos
The team at Women in Sport are dressed up in the sports kit today to show support for women and girls' sport in the UK!

Make sure you share the photos of your team dressed up on social! #WSW2017 😎👟
Comments Shona Sinar Paignton U18's girls rugby squad #WSW2017 Women in Sport
Checklist for Change
#ThursdayThoughts: what do we need to do to create diversity of leadership within sport? #WSW2017 Women in Sport
Women's Sport Week: #Beyond30
Today we are highlighting our #Beyond30 campaign!

See today's first blog contribution by British Gymnastics CEO Jane Allen– Jane discuss her experience in the sport sector and why she stands for #Beyond30 http://bit.ly/2sYCRom
Women in Sport
The #GirlsActiveAwards launched this year to celebrate the scheme's game changers. Nominations close on FRIDAY girlsactive.youthsporttrust.org Women in Sport