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We have received great support from Women in Sport over the past few years. We find our partnership most valuable. - Kelly Simmons, The FA

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Women in Sport is a charity, and it is because of the generous support we receive from funders and donors that we are able to carry out our work. You too can become an integral player in helping to inspire women and girls to get more involved in sport. So, why not join us on our journey?

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@beautbox Hi Zoe! Check out http://t.co/SAvHFDFKi6 for more info on the #WSW2015 activities going on next week. Great to have your support! Womeninsport_uk 0 0
What are your Women's Sport Week plans?
Support our call for more media coverage of women's sport: https://t.co/GvLSeCWdfD #WSW2015
Womeninsport_uk 4 2
RT @Fozzington: Women's Sport Week next week kicks off a fantastic Summer of women's sport. @SkySportsNewsHQ will have coverage across the … Womeninsport_uk 3 0
RT @VernSamuels: Women’s Sport Week showcases our female athletes at the top of their game and encourages more girls to get active #GirlsAc… Womeninsport_uk 5 0
RT @TeamUltimatetkd: @Womeninsport_uk @BritTaekwondo @ThunderclapIt British Taekwondo have provided FREEBIES for the female players at the … Womeninsport_uk 1 0
RT @MPsportsdragon: @Womeninsport_uk supporting #WSW2015 raising awareness of the skills & entertainment provided by women's sport that ma… Womeninsport_uk 4 0
@lukelewis Hi Luke, we'd love to talk to you about a Women's Sport Week idea we've had for next week. Could we arrange a call? #WSW2015 Womeninsport_uk 0 0
RT @GirlRunningLate: Looking at ways of pushing #WSW2015 on my blog and at work next week. Exciting stuff! @Womeninsport_uk Womeninsport_uk 1 0
@JamieBarrow_GB Haha! We had twigged - male support of women in sport is really important! :) could you DM us an email address please? Womeninsport_uk 0 0
@JamieBarrow_GB Hi Jamie. Thanks for supporting #WSW2015. Wondered whether we could get in touch with you about possibly getting involved? Womeninsport_uk 0 0
RT @JamieBarrow_GB: Great to see successes of women’s sport being celebrated across the nation with Women’s Sport Week #WSW2015 Womeninsport_uk 3 0
Excellent! Look forward to reading your piece(s). Make sure you send us the link! :) #WSW2015 https://t.co/0X3fIoNjq1 Womeninsport_uk 1 1
.@SkySports are all over Women's Sport Week. Take a look at their preview video here > http://t.co/YN9R5UAYSB #WSW2015 Womeninsport_uk 8 5
RT @georgiethow92: 1st-7th June is Women's Sport Week.Time to celebrate women leading, working & participating in sport-who's with me?#WSW2… Womeninsport_uk 9 0
Women's Sport Week is coming! 1-7 June Womenssportweek.org #wsw2015 womeninsport_uk
'My team sways me to
'My team sways me to play' @MiltonKeynesRC Ladies #SwayToPlay #WomenInSport @Womeninsport_uk goo.gl/SQO99N #SwayToPlay
My friend sways me t
My friend sways me to play #SwayToPlay #WomenInSport #Swimming #Running #Friends #SwayToPlay
My fiancé sways me t
My fiancé sways me to play #SwayToPlay #WomenInSport #Cycle #Boxing #Weights #SwayToPlay
My teammates sway me
My teammates sway me to play netball #SwayToPlay #WomenInSport #Netball #SwayToPlay
"I'm Jennie, I play #Netball and my #Dad sways me to play." #SwayToPlay #WomenInSport womeninsport_uk
My #dad sways me to play #SwayToPlay #WomenInSport #Running womeninsport_uk
My #friends sway me to play #SwayToPlay #WomenInSport #Running womeninsport_uk
My cousin Claire swa
My cousin Claire sways me to play #SwayToPlay #WomenInSport #Surfing #CatchingWaves #SwayToPlay
"I'm Radha, I lift and my mum definitely sways me to play." #SwayToPlay #WomenInSport womeninsport_uk
"I'm Jess, I play football and my mum sways me to play." #SwayToPlay #WomenInSport #JessClarke #England #NottsCountyLadies womeninsport_uk
"I'm Emma, I run and my boyfriend sways me to play." #SwayToPlay #WomenInSport womeninsport_uk