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We have received great support from Women in Sport over the past few years. We find our partnership most valuable. - Kelly Simmons, The FA

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Women in Sport is a charity, and it is because of the generous support we receive from funders and donors that we are able to carry out our work. You too can become an integral player in helping to inspire women and girls to get more involved in sport. So, why not join us on our journey?

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Since London 2012, the number of young girls playing the sport has doubled! Keep up the great work! @EnglandHockey… https://t.co/6OD42gWFmr Womeninsport_uk 10 32
Interesting research from @Girlguiding reveals the pressure girls feel to appear "perfect" online. #GirlsAttitudes https://t.co/ozfbauvKCp Womeninsport_uk 2 4
Great feature on @andy_murray in @ELLEmagazine about being a feminist and fighting for equality. #AndyMurray ♀️https://t.co/OSpgmK0coN Womeninsport_uk 10 35
Want to engage more women in you sports club? Take a look at how we helped clubs in London do this! @LondonSport… https://t.co/OUrmJ5UVAH Womeninsport_uk 3 14
Is there any other way to celebrate #WomensSummerOfSport than another World Cup Final?😄 Congrats to our #RedRoses @EnglandRugby 🎉🎉 Womeninsport_uk 15 54
Did you catch @RuthHoldaway, @Tanni_GT & @Anna_Kessel yesterday on @BBCRadio4 dicussing women's sport? Recap here! https://t.co/TCq77qPG1j Womeninsport_uk 7 9
Has this wonderful #WomensSummerOfSport inspired you or someone you know? Help us continue making headlines! #Donate https://t.co/6lc0kvuFAw Womeninsport_uk 2 6
Great to have you! 😊 Massive thank you to @sported_NI for hosting us! https://t.co/U9ZsfUdlMV Womeninsport_uk 2 8
England are through to the Semi Finals of #EHC2017 after defeating Scotland 2-0 in final pool game 🏑 https://t.co/M4iBsGVy8t Womeninsport_uk 4 39
1.6 fewer women than men play sport once a week in England. We're here to change this #CharityTuesday #Donate 🤸🏽https://t.co/XFuZOROU5c Womeninsport_uk 12 28
Half hour warning! @EnglandHockey push back vs Scotland at 11.30! #EHC2017 🏑 Make sure you tune in and support #WomensSummerOfSport ☺️ Womeninsport_uk 2 9
Women inspiring women! Great to see @EnglandRugby emulating the successes of @englandcricket & @Lionesses #WRWC2017 😊https://t.co/6y6D84qUOs Womeninsport_uk 9 36
The gender pay gap between men and women in NHS Scotland at £3.40 as an average hourly rate😐Read More ➡️https://t.co/8FzjLKa2KO Womeninsport_uk 4 3
"There were a few extra hurdles I came up against that my male colleagues didn’t"-@CharlotteR_22 @eighth_wonder8… https://t.co/HTDTMdtlW6 Womeninsport_uk 5 14
London is a diverse city & @LondonFA wants to reflect this on their board! Think you can make a difference? #Apply👉🏾 https://t.co/fg0QrIS7MJ Womeninsport_uk 4 5
Many of us have an unconscious biased between girls & boys. Help us change this in sport #Donate via link in bio https://t.co/Be3mJz7K00 ⚽️ Womeninsport_uk 14 18
Have you been following #RedRoses World Cup campaign? We're in the Semi-finals! Next match vs 🇫🇷 @EnglandRugby Sho… https://t.co/waKxaks5ld Womeninsport_uk 8 29
Big thanks to Artemis BJJ and all who took part in the women's open mat session last weekend. Over £90 raised for our work to empower women through and within sport. Great work!
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We know that Small Steps can lead to Big Differences, such as allowing a visually impaired person to be accompanied by a sighted friend for free.

See how you can make Small Changes that make a Big Difference here: https://www.womeninsport.org/how-were-doing-it/inclusion-get-out-get-active/
#GirlsActive is an innovative peer led programme to get more girls playing sport and taking part in PE. So far over 150 schools are involved. Read Isobel's story here: www.miltonkeynes.co.uk/news/active-student-wins-recognition-for-her-huge-commitment-to-sport-1-8091128
Did anyone hear our CEO Ruth Holdaway on BBC Radio 5 live this morning, discussing the rise of women's sport? If you missed it, catch up now - from 1 hour 19 minutes 👍⚽
Today we have launched our ClubWorks Case Study in partnership with London. This project was the result of a common goal: to engage more women and girls in sport across London. See how we did it by following the link!
Our friends at English Federation of Disability Sport want to speak to people who currently deliver activities. Anyone from a trained coach to a community youth group leader. They want to know how those people who are responsible for delivering
Today we released research in partnership with parkrun funded by Sport England. This case study sheds light into women’s motivations and reluctance to run. We have created 6 interventions for action which will help parkrun engage and retain their female
The lovely folks at Artemis BJJ in Bristol are hosting a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu women's open mat session on Saturday 12th August to raise funds for Women in Sport. Find out how you can get involved https://www.facebook.com/events/237776513377837/ #CharityTuesday
You have a chance to win quarter, semi or finals tickets to the Rathbones Lacrosse World Cup! Visit their Facebook page for more information about entering and the events!