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We have received great support from Women in Sport over the past few years. We find our partnership most valuable. - Kelly Simmons, The FA

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Women in Sport is a charity, and it is because of the generous support we receive from funders and donors that we are able to carry out our work. You too can become an integral player in helping to inspire women and girls to get more involved in sport. So, why not join us on our journey?

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Fantastic to see all the teams on the pitch for @RWLC17 medal ceremony. Congrats to champions @USLacrosse 🏆 https://t.co/5WLLgaon86 Womeninsport_uk 3 13
@englacrosse win the @RWLC17 bronze medal with a golden goal against the Aussies. Congrats ladies 🙆👍 Womeninsport_uk 3 5
We're @RWLC17 today. Looking forward to seeing some world sport and cheering all the ladies on #lacrosse 🏆🙆 Womeninsport_uk 0 5
Until 1999 women weren't allowed in @HomeOfCricket's pavilion. We've come a long way since! #Progress 🏏 https://t.co/8W4g7E3HQG Womeninsport_uk 16 39
This kind of behaviour is unacceptable,strict sanctions & consequences are needed to end sexism in sport. https://t.co/TvBjAjrYIv #CallItOut Womeninsport_uk 16 35
We might not be as glamorous as @LittleMix but we're still showing our support!!⚽️🦁 @Mark_Sampson #Lionesses… https://t.co/GJnQNF9jki Womeninsport_uk 6 45
The school term is nearly over! Take a look at how we can engage more girls in PE come September! https://t.co/majxEUkYaY ⛹🏽‍♀️ Womeninsport_uk 17 26
See how you can challenge stereo-types in the workplace&increase female representation within sport! #Beyond30 https://t.co/dCiJyVLZa8 Womeninsport_uk 24 36
RT @RuthHoldaway: We know lots of you did Sport's Kit Friday for Women's Sport Week - Please don't forget to send your donations asap: http… Womeninsport_uk 2 0
Great to be part of the next steps for the @WhatWomenWantXX project with @longrunworks and @outlandish today https://t.co/kqoHRzb1nU Womeninsport_uk 4 4
With #EURO2017 underway take a look at our work with @FA on how high-profile role models can inspire girls… https://t.co/bcC694MBOK Womeninsport_uk 14 26
6-0 at #ENGSCO Great effort from all athletes, but have you seen @jd_runs #HerculeanEffort taking on the Antarctic? 🐧https://t.co/hCBjH3SQiy Womeninsport_uk 1 12
Sports clubs rely heavily on volunteers, yet there's a gender imbalance of volunteers within sports 👀🔍#GoodSports https://t.co/Sl5rDnyHpL Womeninsport_uk 17 23
England V Scotland tonight for the #WEURO2017! ➡️ "These three weeks change the next 50 years"- words from our Pat… https://t.co/xPgqS8vAlP Womeninsport_uk 7 11
Have you heard? WE'RE IN THE FINAL!! 🏏💃🏽🎉🎉 Great news for @englandcricket! Even better to hear that the final at Lord's has SOLD OUT! #WWC17 Womeninsport_uk 26 72
You have a chance to win quarter, semi or finals tickets to the Rathbones Lacrosse World Cup! Visit their Facebook page for more information about entering and the events!


Women in Sport updated their cover photo.
Sport England’s Active People Survey 10, 2016 confirms that 1.6 million fewer women than men currently take part in sport or physical activity once a week. This gender participation gap is also true for visually impaired women. Only 9.3 per
We have a great group of wonderful supporters who believe in gender equality and empowering girls through sport. However there's one lady who is going to extreme lengths to support us. Jenny Davis, will be taking on the Antarctic for
This is why we do what we do. Its time for a change.
We would like to say a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who supported us through #WSW2017 last week- particularly those who took part on our Sports Kit Day. 👟⚽

The photos are fantastic! We love to see so many people
Women in Sport updated their cover photo.
Women in Sport updated their cover photo.
A big thank you to Artemis BJJ for their support! If you're in the Bristol area why not check this out?
Women in Sport shared Artemis BJJ's post.
We want to say a massive thank you to everyone for getting involved with #WSW2017 this year. We are a national charity and rely on the generosity of our donors and supporters in order to continue our vital work. Remember