Policy Makers

We lobby to make sure women’s sport is a priority for policy makers. To achieve our vision of transforming sport for the benefit of every women and girl we are pressing for change in the following areas:

More women and girls benefit from playing sport

There is a significant gender gap when we look at the number of women participating in sport – 1.9 million fewer women than men participate in sport on a regular basis.

More women and girls benefit from leading, working and coaching in sport

There is also a substantial gender disparity when we look the number of women working in sport. For almost half (49%) of publicly funded national governing bodies less than a quarter of their Board are women. Women make up only 18% of qualified coaches and 9% of senior coaches. Less than 10% of women volunteer in sport compared to over 15% of men.

Sport is normal for women and girls; there is more commercial investment in, and media coverage of, women’s sport

Commercial investment and media coverage of women’s sport remains shockingly low, particularly in comparison to the deals done in men’s sport. Women’s sport sponsorship accounted for only 0.4% of total sports sponsorship between 2011 and 2013. Media coverage of women’s sport shows similar level of disparity – women’s sport accounting for only 7% of total sports coverage.

All Party Parliamentary Group on Women’s Sport and Fitness

We also serve as the secretariat for the All Party Parliamentary Group on Women’s Sport and Fitness. The purpose of the group is to promote all aspects of women’s sport and fitness; to raise the profile of women’s sport and to promote better coverage of women’s sport in the media; and to investigate ways to increase participation of girls and women in sport and reduce barriers to participation.