Corporate Supporters

Partnering with Women in Sport offers your business the opportunity to invest in the future of women’s sport in the UK. In doing so you will:

  • Demonstrate your commitment to equality and diversity
  • Show that you are championing women and girls’ participation in all spheres of public life
  • Motivate and encourage women in your own organisation to get involved in sport at all levels, from the field of play to the boardroom

We also look to work with brands who are aligned with our values and mission, and who want to share our work with a wider audience.

Brand Partnerships include:

MISSFITS – Female-focused protein brand. Read more about our fundraising partnership here


We will work with you to develop tailored activities that will have a genuine impact for women and girls, whilst also meeting your business objectives. To speak to us about how you could support Women in Sport through your company, contact us on or 020 3137 6263.

Did you know we rely on donations for our work?

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