We are influencing sports, schools, local councils and national government to ensure sport is open to all women and girls. We are campaigning for equality in sport – from more women in the boardroom, to equal pay and more women able to play sport. Our campaigns support our three main aims.

Help to ensure that girls stay engaged with sport and physical activity at the times when they are most at risk of losing interest – through primary school and through the transition to adulthood

At age seven, the proportion of girls meeting recommended physical activity levels is roughly equal to that of boys. At age 11 this drops sharply to just 12% of girls, compared to 21% of boys.

Use sport to empower women and girls facing disadvantage to reach their full potential

50% of girls in lower socio-economic groups have low activity levels, compared to 39% in the highest income families.

Change the culture of sport so that sexism and gender discrimination become a thing of the past

40% of women working in the sport sector feel they are valued less than men in the workplace because of their gender.

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